NH State Representative Tom Cormen


Here is how I voted in House sessions, beginning with February 22, 2023. Some bills go through votes on several motions. I usually include only the deciding motion for each bill.

To look up a bill, you can go here.

FN in a bill’s number means that the bill contains a fiscal note, which recognizes that if the bill passes, it could incur a cost to the state, one or more counties, and one or more municipalities.
A in a bill’s number means that the bill includes an appropriation of state money.
LOCAL indicates that the effect is at the local, not state, level.

OTP = Ought to Pass
OPTA = Ought to Pass as amended
ITL = Inexpedient to Legislate (a Yea vote on an ITL motion is a vote against the bill, and a Nay vote on an ITL motion is a vote for the bill)
Table = Table this bill (it may be taken off the table and voted on later)

A voice vote is decided by which side, Yea or Nay, is loudest.
In a division vote, the numbers are recorded, but not the individual votes.
In a roll-call vote, the individual votes are recorded. You can see how I voted on all roll-call votes here.
Votes in red indicate that I voted against my party’s recommendation. (Votes in black either align with my party’s recommendation or my party made no recommendation.)
Results in red indicate that I voted on the losing side.

Notice how close some of the votes are, reflecting how closely divided the House is along party lines.

2024 session

2023 session