NH State Representative Tom Cormen

My votes in the NH House session
of February 8, 2024

Bill Motion Type of vote My vote Result of vote Notes
HB 1002 Reconsider Division Nay Reconsider 195-183 After a motion to Table failed on division vote 126-254 (I voted Nay), a voice vote recommitted the bill to the Judiciary Committee
HB 1048 OTPA Voice Yea OTPA
HB 1166 ITL Voice Yea ITL
HB 1206 ITL Voice Yea ITL
HB 1553-FN ITL Division Yea ITL 202-178
HB 1561-FN ITL Voice Yea ITL OTP motion failed on roll call vote 185-197 (I voted Nay); after ITL motion adopted, motion to Reconsider failed on roll call vote 189-192 (I voted Nay)
HB 1634-FN ITL Voice Yea ITL OTP motion failed on roll call vote 186-194 (I voted Nay); after ITL motion adopted, motion to Reconsider failed on roll call vote 188-193 (I voted Nay)
HB 1665-FN OTP Roll call Nay OTP 190-189 Motion to Reconsider failed on division vote 186-192; I voted Yea
HB 1580-FN ITL Division Yea ITL 294-84
HB 1116 OTPA Roll call Nay OTPA 221-157
HB 1662-FN ITL Roll call Yea ITL 190-187 OTPA motion failed on division vote 188-190 (I voted Nay); then motion to Table failed on division vote 188-190 (I voted Nay)
HB 1396 ITL Roll call Yea ITL 195-182
HB 1045 OTP Voice Yea OTP
HB 1049 Indefinitely Postpone Roll call Yea Indefinitely Postpone 324-53
HB 1429-FN-A OTPA Voice Yea OTPA
HB 1700-FN ITL Division Yea ITL 315-58
HB 1062 OTP Division Nay OTP 198-177
HB 1138-FN OTP Voice Yea OTP
HB 1228 ITL Division Yea ITL 312-61

HB 1002

I wrote about HB 1002 on February 1. I did not want the OTPA vote overturned, and so I voted against Reconsideration. Because I also didn’t want to allow the OTPA to be overturned at some future time, I voted against the Table motion. I was OK with the Recommit motion, so that the bill will go back to the Judiciary Committee to try to refine it.

HB 1561-FN, HB 1634-FN, and HB 1665-FN

All three of these bills attempt to expand the Education Freedom Account (EFA) program. If you follow me at all, you know that I am dead set against this program, which removes money from public schools and funnels it to private schools, religious schools, and home-schoolers. I particularly object to public money going to religious schools, which is clearly contrary to the New Hampshire State Constitution.

HB 1561-FN would have allowed EFAs for various classes of students, including students worried about contagious diseases such as the common cold and LGBT students. What the bill’s proponents fail to mention is that private schools are under no obligation to take anyone, so that they may refuse to take LGBT students. If you look at all the categories in the bill (you can see the bill here), you’ll see that almost any student in the state can qualify. In other words, this bill would allow near-universal expansion of EFAs.

HB 1643-FN would have removed “near” in the previous sentence, and just removed all income limits. That would have meant that you could be paying to send a high-income person’s kid to private or religious school.

Fortuantely, HB 1561-FN and HB 1643-FN were defeated. Not so with HB 1665-FN, which passed by one vote. It expands EFA eligibility from 350% of poverty level ($105,000) to 500% ($150,000). Department of Education data shows that most families receiving EFA funds already had their kids in private schools, religious schools, or home schools before getting the funding. So we’re not really enhancing educational opportunity with EFAs, and especially not by expanding them. What we are doing is taking money away from public schools.

One other note about HB 1665-FN. The “FN” means that there is a fiscal note, and the bill is supposed to go to the Fiscal Committee after passing the first time. But Rep. Ken Weyler, Chair of the Fiscal Committee waived off the bill, so that it will go right to the Senate. Given the 14-10 Republican majority in the Senate and the current Governor, I expect that this bill will be enacted before too long.

HB 1049

This bill would repeal the prohibition on overnight mooring of houseboats. I don’t expect that it would affect many, if any, of my Ward 3 constituents. But you would be amazed at the volume of email that all the state representatives received opposing this bill, almost all from property owners on Like Winnipesaukee. The bill failed, big time.

HB 1700-FN

We heard this bill in Science, Technology and Energy. So many people are convinced that the federal government is experimenting on us by spraying chemicals from the air. They showed us photos of contrails from planes, asserting that these were chemtrails because contrails dissipate and chemtrails don’t. These folks apparently have never heard of “wind.” I don’t want to be unkind, so I’ll just leave it there.