NH State Representative Tom Cormen

My votes in the NH House session
of March 16, 2023

We had a few victories today, but mostly losses. Unfortunately, all five of the Democratic-sponsored energy-related bills out of the Science, Technology and Energy Committee were defeated.

Bill Motion Type of vote My vote Result of vote Notes
HB 479-FN OTP Roll call Nay OTP 178-173
HB 76 OTP Roll call Yea 168-193 ITL by voice vote
HB 89 OTPA Division Yea OTPA 317-45
HB 328-FN ITL Roll call Yea ITL 290-76
HB 360-FN ITL Division Yea 160-210 OTP by voice vote
HB 444-FN ITL Roll call Nay ITL 202-167
HB 596-FN OTP Roll call Yea OTP 186-185
HB 71 OTP Voice Yea OTP
HB 104 Table Division Yea Table 345-28
HB 170 OTPA Division Nay OTPA 199-174
HB 394-LOCAL ITL Division Yea ITL 226-146
HB 399-FN Table Voice Yea Table
HB 514 Table Roll call Yea Table 200-175
HB 590 ITL Voice Yea Table
HB 231-FN OTP Division Yea OTP 225-147
HB 58-FN OTPA Roll call Yea 176-194 ITL 192-182 on division vote
HB 125 OTP Roll call Yea 175-195 ITL passes on voice vote
HB 208-FN OTP Roll call Yea 183-187 ITL 192-181 on division vote
HB 263-FN OTP Division Yea 178-186 ITL 187-180 on division vote
HB 523-FN OTP Roll call Yea 182-189 ITL 189-182 on division vote
HB 524-FN OTP Roll call Yea 181-186 ITL 187-180 on division vote
HB 605-FN OTP Division Yea 181-188 ITL passes on voice vote
HCR 4 OTP Division Nay 145-224 ITL passes on voice vote
HB 54-FN OTPA Voice Yea OTPA
HB 93 Table Division Nay Table 205-162
HB 198-FN OTP Division Nay OTP 187-182
HB 222-FN ITL Roll call Nay ITL 206-162

Lots of interesting bills in this session.

HB 76 and HB 444-FN

HB 76 would have imposed a three-day waiting period between purchasing and receiving a firearm, with exceptions. It would have been particularly helpful in staving off suicides. HB 444-FN would have prohibited possessing a firearm at a polling place.

HB 328-FN

This bill would have legalized hallucinogens for people 21 and older.

HB 360-FN

This bill legalizes cannabis for people 21 and older. As I did on HB 639-FN-A, I voted against it, and for the same reasons.

HB 596-FN

This bill prohibits racial profiling in law enforcement. It passed, but only one vote. By just one vote.

HB 104 and HB 514

Both of these school-related bills were tabled, fortunately. HB 104 is a bathroom bill, and HB 514 would prohibit obscene material in school and university libraries, based on the objection of just one parent.

HB 231-FN

This bill prohibits declawing cats. Although it’s not as important a bill as the others that I’m describing here, I include it because I am not a cat person, but I did vote for it. Declawing a cat is like cutting off your fingertips at the last knuckle.

HB 58-FN

This bill would have prohibited paying subminimum wages, so that employees who rely on tips would still receive their tips, but on top of minimum wage. To be clear: even with this bill being defeated, tipped employees are guaranteed minimum wage, but their tips count toward it.

HB 208-FN, HB 263-FN, HB 523-FN, HB 524-FN, and HB 605-FN

These are the five bills sponsored by Democrats on the Science, Technology and Energy Committee. All five were defeated.

HB 208-FN would have established greenhouse gas reduction goals for the state and established a climate action plan. HB 263-FN would have required utilities to notify producers of renewable energy when their Renewable Energy Certificates are being “swept” (which is euphemism for “stolen”). HB 523-FN would have allowed the net metering limit for utility customers to increase from 1 megawatt to 5 megawatts. HB 524-FN would have invested half of the money from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) back into energy efficiency (NHSaves). We currently invest only $1 out of every $6 that we receive, and the rest is rebated to customers. Finally, HB 605-FN would have increased the amount of solar energy required to be produced in New Hampshire.


This resolution would have included New Hampshire in a constitutional convention to propose an amendment establishing congressional term limits. As you know, we already have congressional term limits. They are called “elections.”

HB 222-FN

This bill would have required all occupants of a motor vehicle to wear seat belts while the vehicle is in motion. We are the only state that does not, and we will continue to be the only state that does not. Live free and die!