NH State Representative Tom Cormen

My votes in the NH House session
of March 21, 2024

Bill Motion Type of vote My vote Result of vote Notes
HB 1192-FN OTPA Division Nay OTPA 187-178
HB 1659-FN OTPA Roll call Nay OTPA 198-174
HB 1528 OTPA Voice Yea OTPA
HB 1336 OTPA Division Nay OTPA 197-176
HB 1205 OTPA Roll call Nay OTPA 189-192
HB 1650-FN Indefinitely Postpone Roll call Nay Indefinitely Postpone 192-182
HB 1654-FN Indefinitely Postpone Roll call Nay Indefinitely Postpone 191-183
HR 30 Indefinitely Postpone Roll call Nay Indefinitely Postpone 191-183
HB 147 OTPA Roll call Nay OTPA 192-183
HB 1074 Indefinitely Postpone Roll call Nay Indefinitely Postpone 191-185
HB 1098 OTP Division Nay OTP 192-175
HB 1414-FN Indefinitely Postpone Roll call Yea Indefinitely Postpone 230-143
HB 1099 Table Division Nay Table 188-186
HB 1119 OTPA Roll call Yea OTPA 282-92
HB 1147 Indefinitely Postpone Division Nay Indefinitely Postpone 187-186
HB 1149 Indefinitely Postpone Roll call Nay Indefinitely Postpone 190-184
HB 1264-FN OTPA Voice Yea OTPA
HB 1523 ITL Voice Yea ITL ITL voice vote followed a division vote on OTP which failed, 185-188; I voted Nay
HB 1351 Interim Study Division Yea Interim Study 191-169
HB 1335 ITL Roll call Yea ITL 331-42
HB 1411-FN ITL Division Yea ITL 306-63
HB 1347 Interim Study Voice Nay Interim Study
HB 1683-FN Table Roll call Nay Table 188-187 Tabling motion followed a division vote on OTPA which failed, 178-197: I voted Nay
HB 1002 OTPA Roll call Nay OTPA 268-106 See discussion below
HB 1082 OTPA Voice Yea OTPA
HB 1115 OTP Division Nay OTP 194-180
HB 1283 OTPA Roll call Yea OTPA 179-176 See discussion below; bill up for Reconsideration on March 28
HB 1353 Table Division Yea Table 292-58
HB 1664-FN Indefinitely Postpone Roll call Yea Indefinitely Postpone 181-164
HB 1246 ITL Roll call Yea ITL 182-155
HB 1648 Indefinitely Postpone Division Yea Indefinitely Postpone 338-2
HB 1479-FN Indefinitely Postpone Roll call Yea Indefinitely Postpone 211-129
HB 1053 Table Division Yea Table 316-18
HB 1101 Indefinitely Postpone Division Nay Indefinitely Postpone 171-164
HB 1175 OTP Division Nay OTP 173-163
HB 1210 Table Division Yea Table 308-28
HB 1281 Table Division Yea Table 300-17
HB 1317-FN-LOCAL Table Division Yea Table 306-7
HB 1345 OTP Voice Yea OTP
HB 1460-FN Indefinitely Postpone Division Nay Indefinitely Postpone 165-160
HB 1584 OTP Voice Nay OTP
HB 1470 Indefinitely Postpone Roll call Nay Indefinitely Postpone 164-162
HB 1611-FN ITL Roll call Nay ITL 163-162
HB 1640-FN Table Voice Yea Table

HB 1205

This bill requires schools to designate athletics by sex and prohibits biological males from participating in female athletics. It discriminates against transgender youth, who make up under 1% of the school population and even less of athletic teams. It’s not clear whether this bill is constitutional.

HB 1654-FN

This bill would have required those providing service under Education Freedom Accounts (EFAs) to comply with state and federal anti-discrimination laws and have internal anti-discrimination policies and practices in place. Currently, private entities, including those receiving EFA funds, are allowed to discriminate. And with this bill being Indefinitely Postponed, they will continue to discriminate.

HR 30

High-school climate activists requested that there be a House Resolution to encourage the state to include in the curriculum a balanced history on renewable energy, fossil fuels, and socioecononmic implications of climate change. You know how Republicans feel about this issue.

HB 1074

When a limited liability company (LLC) donates to a political candidate, it is treated as its own individual donor, regardless of who controls it. Therefore, someone could give the maximum to a candidate but then set up several LLCs to give additional money to the candidate. This is called the “LLC loophole.” This bill would have made it so that if an LLC donates to a candidate, then it must disclose the names and percentage ownership of each of the LLC’s members to the candidate. This information would then be attributed to the member’s contribution limits.

HB 1099

This bill would enable partisan school district elections. Ostensibly because we don’t have enough partisanship and division already. I voted against it, and the OTP motion failed. But before we could vote to kill this bill, it was tabled.

HB 1683-FN

This bill would forbid Medicaid from paying for circumcision, with medically necessary exceptions. I was against it, mainly because now there’s one standard for those with private insurance and a different standard for those without.

HB 1002

We passed this bill on February 1 and then recommitted it to the Judiciary Committee on February 8. Rep. Katelyn Kuttab drafted an amendment to the bill that seemed reasonable to many, including me, but it failed in committee. The committee’s recommendation was for Interim Study. But between the time that Judiciary voted for Interim Study and March 21, several stakeholders convened and devised an amendment that they all considered acceptable. I read the amendment, and I could not see what problem it solved. For example, it allows someone to request, for free, up to 250 email threads per month, where each email thread can contain up to 50 individual emails. I did the math, and that makes up to 12,500 emails. And there is a $1 charge for every 50 emails after that. I fail to see how that discourages nuisance Right to Know requests. I voted for the amendment because it was better than what was pending, but I voted against the bill as amended because I just didn’t see how it solved any of the problems with abuse of the Right to Know law.

HB 1115

If you are renting and have a lease, the expectation is that when your lease expires, you will still be able to stay in your home and be offered a new lease. This bill says that once your lease is up, you may be kicked out for any reason. As we all know, housing is very tight. An evicted tenant is going to have a hard time finding new housing. The argument made by the bill’s proponents is that a lease is an agreement for a specific term, and once that term ends, the agreement expires. I understand the argument, but the fact is that the landlord and the tenant do not have equal power in this matter. The landlord is not in danger of becoming homeless, but the tenant is.

HB 1283-FN

This bill allows for medical aid in dying (MAID). It was hotly debated. I voted for it, for the simple reason that if someone has a terminal disease, is in pain that cannot be relieved by palliative methods, and wants to end their suffering, then why should anyone else, including the state, make them suffer needlessly. When my wife, Nicole, was dying of cancer, she was fortunate that her decline was rapid. If she’d had to suffer for an extended period, I would have wished that the option of MAID was available.

Many of those against this bill kept referring to it as “assisted suicide.” But Rep. Marjorie Smith, the bill’s prime sponsor and ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, drew a sharp distinction between MAID and suicide: those seeking MAID want to live, but they cannot, whereas those who commit suicide want to die.

There was also concern about the potential for MAID to be used against the differently abled. I read the bill very, very carefully, and I am satisfied that it contains provisions that will prevent abuse.